BAC Cataloguing Grant for business archives relating to Sports

The BAC is delighted to announce that alongside the 2019 general cataloguing grant for business collections, a new cataloguing grant specifically for Business Archives related to Sports has been established.  This has taken over from the successful grant for business archives related to the arts, which has been in place since 2013.  As before, each grant is for £4000.

The aims of both the main grant and the sports grant, in funding the cataloguing of a business collection in either the private or public sector, are to:

  • Provide financial support for institutions/ businesses that manage business archives

  • Reach collections that have not yet been prioritised but have potential academic or socio-historical value

  • Create opportunities for archivists or para-professionals/ volunteers to gain experience in listing business collections

  • Increase accessibility to business archives.

From 2013-2018, BAC ran a successful cataloguing grant specifically for business archives related to the arts, in an effort to support an under-represented area of business archives, and to complement wider initiatives.  In 2019 BAC felt it was time to change the scope of this particular grant in order to support a different business archives sector.  The sports sector was chosen because it had become apparent that many sports business organisations and groups are underfunded and consequently the heritage collections they hold are at risk.

Applications are welcome from all types of organisation, whether private or public sector, that hold business archives related to sports.  These organisations could be a business, local record office, university, museum, charity, specialised repository, sports club or organisation.  Importantly, the eligibility of a collection is dependent on sporting activity being the primary function of the organisation that created the records, i.e. if the primary function of the organisation is to support, facilitate, encourage or manage sporting activity.

Funding for 2019 has been provided by the BAC.  The decision on the award of the grant will be made by a Cataloguing Grant Panel established by the BAC which consists of two executive committee members and one non-executive member.  The panel consists of two archivists and an historian.  Panel members will not judge applications where they have a research or employment affiliation.

The Cataloguing Grant for Business Archives related to Sports (2019) launches on 29 April 2019.  The deadline for applications is 26 July 2019. 

You can access the application form for the Grant here. And notes to help you complete the form and guide your application are available here. 


Any questions about The Cataloguing Grant for Business Archives related to Sports should be addressed to Natalie Attwood, Administrator, BAC Cataloguing Grant for Sports. Email: (tel.) 020 7280 5214