UNESCO Recommendation and UK Policy Brief on protecting documentary heritage

UNESCO’s Recommendation and the UK Policy Brief stress the need to protect documentary heritage, which has never been more pressing in a time of exonomic and political uncertainty both within the UK and internationally.

The Recommendation can be found at http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0024/002433/243325e.pdf (page 158).

In response to the Recommendation, the UK National Commission to UNESCO has published a policy brief 'Practical considerations for the UK in applying and communicating the new UNESCO Recommendation on protecting documentary heritage including digital form'.

The policy brief provides practical advice to practitioners and decision-makers about the role of the Recommendation in the UK and about its impact in particular on preserving and accessing digital documentary heritage. It was developed in consultation with a range of digital preservation and documentary heritage experts including representatives from The Digital Preservation Coalition, The British Library, The National Archives, Simon Tanner, the Parliamentary Archives, Chief Archivists in Local Government, and the LSE Library.