Survey on Veterinary Practice Archives

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons are looking for sources of veterinary practice history held by other repositories across the UK as part of their ongoing Vet History digitisation projects. A survey has been created for those holding appropriate material. It doesn't matter how small or large these collections may be; they are interested in finding out what you hold. 

Please complete the survey if you hold any material related to veterinary practice and include as much information as you have readily available. The survey will be live until the end of March. 

Individual repositories will be contacted to discuss the possibility of loans for digitisation purposes. Rights and permissions concerns, as well as redacting any personal or sensitive data in the records, will be discussed at this point too. 

Survey link:,1,E_uNe2CwcJBOdRuzvIebelyaSLVug531q0JHrZf4JbvZf3LbrgU-BES-2qL-1vGaFPLZfdAUQjWq2E30ti5Nq9ov_RTU5MTkuzxieKem&typo=1